behind LU-SAINT
“From the beginning Harry and I said we didn't want our customers choosing between buying products at a “value” and buying for your values. We want you to have both, and this is how LU-SAINT was born.”
-Brittany, Co-Founder

Founded by Harry & Brittany
Harry and Brittany are a Kiwi couple living in Taranaki (New Zealand). They share a mutual desire to enjoy a barister made coffee on the go and this is ultimately what led them to designing a luxury reusable coffee cup. When looking around for a premium designed and stylish reusable coffee cup, it just wasn’t there. Rather than settling for the status quo, Harry & Brittany decided to craft something simple but ethically luxurious.

Huh? Takeaway coffee cups aren't recyclable?
Sure, they look and feel like paper, but there is often a sneaky layer of plastic in between which keeps that coffee firmly within your cup, and not on your shirt. Cool for work, not cool for your shirt. Traditional paper recycling plants are typically not equipped to separate these materials and so, like the majority of our waste, our coffee cups finish their single-use life spans in landfill. It was during the first COVID-19 lockdown here in New Zealand that, being unable to get our usual barista coffee fix, we purchased our own machine and began to notice how much waste was saved in the process. Between us, we had been responsible for around 700 disposable coffee cups in landfill in just a year.

This realisation is what made us conceive LU-SAINT
We love our liquid gold in the morning so much that we didn’t want to give it up, so we looked inwards and thought about how we could change minds and habits for the better. Reusable coffee cups are nothing new, but when we hunted around for something stylish that we would wantto carry everywhere with us, we were less than enamoured by our choices.

Founded on our three key principles

  • To create an affordable, eco-loving option to cheap, disposable coffee cups
  • To make them look so good that you couldn’t possibly forget to carry them with you
  • To elevate your coffee-drinking ritual and enjoy life’s little luxuries

We feel strongly that if consumers have more options that look good, they will feel good about making that extra little bit of effort. It is our mission to replace convenience culture when it comes to coffee, with an option so chic and durable that you’ll never want to resort to paper cups again!

Our team is small, but passionate. It includes a wonderful, ethically grown manufacturer, a hard working Kiwi couple, and two prized pups – named Lu and Saint. Thank you for supporting us in our mission.
Harry & Brittany

Here for a good time
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