OUR PromisE
At LU-SAINT, we believe that style and sustainability can co-exist. A design-led, reusable coffee vessel that is easy to clean and made from quality materials is the only type of cup we will sell. It is our goal to help you make the small adjustments to your routine that make a big difference to our planet – and love doing it! The unearthing, conscious brand that make you happy before, during and after your daily ritual.

Our commitment to sustainable materials includes:

  • Plastic-free cups (of course)·
  • Plastic-free packaging and biodegradable infills·
  • Cardboard packaging for transit·
  • Any bags used are natural kraft paper·
  • LU-SAINT cards are 100% recycled·
  • Any extra or surplus product will be donated
We are so excited and proud to bring you our plastic-free drinking vessel that you can use for a lifetime. We’ve designed these cups with you in mind, the on-the-go coffee lover. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions via email at: hello@lusaint.co.nz
"To us, a reusable coffee cup store means a store built by people who drink coffee on the go. That’s us. We’re a one-stop, online store stocking the best reusable coffee vessels around. From our website, to your door."

Why we’re here:

  • An alternative to the cheap disposable option. At LU-SAINT, we want to reduce the use of disposable coffee cups and replace these with convenient, innovative and luxury re-usable drinking vessels. Now is the time to take small steps to make the planet a little more eco-loving.
  • A premium designed drinking vessel that you’ll want to be seen sipping out of. Our cups are made from strong borosilicate glass, wrapped in beautiful silicone with a wooden base. The fashion-forward choice for you and the PLANET.
  • Life’s luxuries are in the small things. So we’ve made a cup that isn’t just your standard cup – it’s designed for the ultimate coffee drinking experience. The LU-SAINT vessels are for the lovers of the finer, fashionable details all whilst enjoying your daily habit.